About Us

Sarah Sinclair is the founder of Quantum Light Center. Through her natural ability to tend and nurture our inner potential, she supports each person to find and express their Beauty, Innate Gifts and Divine Essence.

She realized that her fascination with tending the soul was a passionate call to action, resulting in the creation of Quantum Light Center: a spiritual community dedicated to soulful living, illumination and heart centered transformation.

Having studied with many of the leading spiritual teachers of our time, she is thankful for their wisdom and offers deep gratitude to those who have touched her life.

Currently, Sarah is focused on introducing others to Nutri Energetic System ~ NES Health, which has enhanced her quality of life. She is dedicated to exploring the BioEnergetics of healing and transformation with NES and is excited to share this system of healing with others who will benefit from this quantum science.

Sarah holds certifications in Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Rising Star Healing and Prema Birthing.

She offers Sai Maa’s Enlightened Living Groups free of charge on a regular basis.

Sarah is currently in private practice and offers workshops for those interested in diving deeply into their own spiritual development, well-being, and evolution.

Sarah Sinclair


Our Departure from 7137 Old Easton Rd.

It has been a year of wonder and grace at our location in Pipersville, Pennsylvania for Quantum Light Center. We have resided there in a quiet hamlet off the beaten path. It has been a sweet home for us. Read more… 

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

I am intending to grow and cultivate my own work and private practice. I will continue to offer NES miHealth private sessions, the art of Energy Healing with the amethyst BIOMAT and the Swords of LightContact me for further details.

With Much Love and Gratitude to everyone,
Sarah Sinclair
Quantum Light Center