New Musings: Our Departure from 7137 Old Easton Rd.

It has been a year of wonder and grace at our location in Pipersville, Pennsylvania for Quantum Light Center. We have resided there in a quiet hamlet off the beaten path. It has been a sweet home for us.

A Year in Reflection, I’d like to thank all of you who made QLC an amazing success this year.

There have been many beautiful beings who came through our doors and co-created our environment of Light. A BIG shout out to all of the family and friends, who helped us open the doors at Quantum Light Center. We could not have done it without you!

I’d like to thank Red Hill Medical for their kindness and support in saying Y E S to the mission and inviting me into the community at THE VILLAGE CENTER. Their encouragement and original vision gave me wings to fly.

I am aware that something very special took place as a result of being in Suite #102. It all came together June 2016, when we had our official opening “In Full Bloom” with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs. That was a memorable event and the space was humming. Many friends visited and welcomed us. It was an amazing day and I will treasure how much it meant to see each of you there to kick start our community offerings. You all surprised and delighted me in more ways then you know by attending…for this I thank you.

Karen Goldsmith, our ARTIST, came and showered the space with blessings (so love her). She assisted me in coordinating and aligning the blueprint for our office environment. We chose to encourage the space to be representative of a sacred vessel, a container for all who entered, an intentional, sacred sanctuary. I will treasure our time together moving the energy grids until they were vibrating with a resonate frequency of “YES”.

Early on, we hosted Brook Still a world renowned Healer. Brook set the bar for everything that followed with her Intro Evening and private sessions that raised the roof! Brook’s integrity, authenticity, and joyful heart helped us to be present for what was to come into alignment and manifestation at QLC. Thanks, sweet siSTAR for everything. You are a bright light in this world.

I am grateful to Felecia Ruth and Ogden Kruger for showing up and giving us an amazing Kundalini YOGA adventure. Many students expressed to me how much the YOGA affected their very nature and were tuned in and tapped into, a whole new place of BEING. That energetic awareness occurred as a result of you being willing to participate and hold the space for your own passion ~ YOGA. I thank you for touching the lives of others in such a meaningful way as a result of living life with such zest. Felecia also hosted a wonderful Reiki class.

Karen Simpson is a gifted Minister and Healer. Her personal sessions, workshops and classes on Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as her Angel classes were a big hit. Many reported actually feeling the energy of The Angels present in our office while having sessions or while attending workshops. It brings great joy to me to see others having “A HA” moments that literally shape shift the rest of their lives. Karen facilitates this in her work and her life. Karen’s gift of angelic resonance is a blessing for one and all. More on the ANGELS…I am remembering my own experience at the office with Archangel Michael and Saint Germain, as they are dear to my heart and soul. I even captured a violet ray one day at the office. Some upload, eh?!

Mindful Melissa came out to share her teachings and lifestyle of living with intention through compassion and mindfulness. Our class was intimate and very deep in the exploration of SELF awareness and was full of insight for all in attendance. It fills me with happiness to see such youthful evolution and expansion. Thanks, Melissa for bringing your love light to our center.

Feldenkrais with Dayana Pereira our newest addition to Quantum Light Center. Deb McComas (of the Andara Spirals who has also presented at QLC, whom I am so grateful for) introduced me to Dayana and suggested she check us out. I am happy she listened and showed up at our door. The Feldenkrais Method is a new love in my life. Honestly, there are no words to describe what happens as a result of this gentle movement and alignment. It has been a delight to see Dayana grow a vibrant, energetic, private practice and group classes.

I’d like to also mention Sacred Paths who offered weekly circles in service to their spiritual community. I am enclosing the letter they shared with me so you too can understand the depth of what transpired this year at Quantum Light Center through another lens:

“May the light that dwells in all things
come forward and fill this space
with sacredness.
We ask that this room be a sanctuary
for all who enter.
May they feel their own sacredness.
We ask that positive thoughts
and positive actions
emanate from this place.
May this space bring comfort and healing
for all who come here.
May this room be a sacred healing space
of Light and Love.

We thank the light that dwells in all things
for coming forward and filling this space
with sacredness.
We thank this room for being a sanctuary
for all who have entered.
We are grateful that here
we have felt our own sacredness,
and that positive thoughts and positive actions
have emanated from this place.
We are grateful that this space
has brought comfort and healing
for all who have come here.
We thank this room for being a sacred healing space
as we now leave this sanctuary,
to continue to spread
light, comfort, love and healing in the world.”

– Author unknown

So we are moving on a new journey, not sure where it will lead us yet, but we will keep you posted as things evolve. Who knows what’s in store for us next. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

I am intending to grow and cultivate my own work and private practice. I will continue to offer NES miHealth private sessions, the art of Energy Healing with the amethyst BIOMAT and the Swords of Light.

Stay in Touch and know you make this world a better place.

With Much Love and Gratitude to everyone,
Sarah Sinclair
Quantum Light Center

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