‘Muse-ings’ – A Star Seed of Creation

Ok, we are about to go down the rabbit whole. Just say-in’…Does anyone remember Alice in Wonderland?

Or, The Grateful Dead, the song TRUCKIN…What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been? I could further elaborate, like the movies The Matrix or LUCY, but that would alter my trajectory. So here it goes:

Who Am I?
What Am I doing here?
What is my purpose?
How can I make a difference?
How am I to Serve?

We all have questioned our existence at one time or another. Questioning invites Self-inquiry. It is the act of diving deeply into one’s SELF to explore the outer reaches of the inner potential that resides within us.

The alchemical process of SELF-realization is not always an easy path. It is one of deep commitment and fierce courage. Illuminating the caverns of our mind and entering into the many mansions where the ego can rule the terrain, can be quite a daunting task.

However, the great pearls that can be cultivated among the muck and mire are some of the finest treasures one can obtain. To truly “KNOW THYSELF” is to live life as an emissary of Truth, in service to humanity.

Think about how you are contributing to the world as an evolutionary being. How does that provoke action in you and shift your reality?

We are HU man beings, living multidimensionally. We are not only here in the physical in this world, in this body, but also on many other dimensional planes of existence.

It is up to each of us to be willing to dive deep within ourselves and access the programs, or patterns that no longer serve us. In owning our part of this co-creation, the distortions can be altered or de created and then re calibrated to reflect our coherent nature.

This strengthens and anchors the innate structure of our universal connection to ONENESS. It’s as though we are all satellite dishes strengthening the signal, fine tuning our frequency to eliminate static and be a clear channel of receptivity. Each individual affects the collective consciousness and the strength of our collaboration builds upon crescendos creating a harmonic convergence, a symphony in its purest state.

This is the new paradigm, consciously bringing light to the world in every opportunity.


Becoming more aware and conscious of our actions and their ramifications as a coherent field or wave form, creates an opportunity for a harmonic frequency to be composed. Or, in contrast being aware of a discordant wave form and how it reverberates, creating discordance and disharmony, free of coherency.

What are we broadcasting? How are we tuned in? What is the nature of our reality in each moment, each breath?

We all are invited to become beacons of light reestablishing the DIVINE DESIGN. This is “THE GOD CODE” which Gregg Braden speaks so eloquently about in his book.

Each of us has the potential to independently usher in “THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIGHT” within the structure of our own being. This is what I believe to be The Philosophers Stone made manifest within. Creating gold from a base metal, an alchemists dream. We are the base metal with the potential to formulate our golden essence as Light, welcoming our inner alchemists creativity.

Another example would be The Cave of Brahma. (More on that later)!

Embodying the inner matrix of our divine cosmology could reflect a microcosmic blueprint, or map of creation living within us. Our own inter stellar network or StarGate. Hum…

We were born to make manifest the very nature of THE DIVINE within, the very blueprint of our multi faceted SELF, in it’s awakened state.

The Divine resides within us, the cosmos reside within us and we are interstellar in nature, reflecting universal principles and the laws of nature. We are collectively ONE in the matrix of creation. We are the dreamer, dreaming.

This is key.

The old hologram no longer serves us and we have began to crack the code. It is in this altered state of awareness that we become conduits for the energy pattern to move out of our individual grid, ultimately effecting the entire collective grid, or format that has run for eons of time. It is as though on a quantum level, we are developing the REMEDY to cure the DIS EASE in the energetic field of all time and space! No longer buying into separation but advancing on and unifying the field. Now that’s “A Muse Ment”!


Of course there are layers of conditioning that are clearing until at last, we embrace the TRUTH of what is:


It is not ONE person’s job…it is up to the collective to share in building the foundation for what will come. We have reached the tipping point and we are each responsible for our part in the shift of the ages.

Each individual’s light reflects a universe of wonder…oh if only your eyes could see its radiance, its reflection, its brilliance. Imagine yourself as that STAR, as the wonder of creation itself. Just imagine!

I invite you to play with the energy as much as possible, welcoming the Divine Matrix into the very fabric of your existence.

The seed was planted eons ago in the very strands of your DNA and RNA. Activate these codes of Light, these seeds of creation and become aware of the role you play in facilitating unity consciousness and our divine evolution as a species. Cultivate the star seed of creation that lives in you, the soul you were born to be! Amplify your light and your brilliance. As Marianne Williamson says “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

This is our work at Quantum Light. We trust we will be of service in this exploration of discovery, as you journey to the far reaches of this new world of co-creation as a star seed, illuminated!

In Loving Service, Sarah

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